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Fellowship & Association of Christian Teachers


listen to Charlotte Iserbyt on "Dumbing Down the World." 

Click on this Link


This is an outstanding performance by grammar through high school kids.  The song, of course, is the 'Battle Hymn Of The Republic.  It sends shivers up your spine, it is so fantastic!


 God picked you for such a time as this running to the battle, NO RETREAT  Learn More

Dear President, Governor, Senators, and Legislators  Read More


1963 Communist Goals for America

Extension of remarks of Hon. A.S. Herlong, JR. of FL. in the House Of Representatives




Brother and Sisters in Christ, Against

 Hate Crimes at U.S. Supreme Court,


While we were in Jail at Notre Dame



At Notre Dame


Father Norman Weslin

Arrested at Notre Dame

View this video of his arrest


At Notre Dame




Visit The Asleep kNOw More Blog





"Well Trained Communist Comrades"

View This Video


August 27: Greenfield, Freedom From Meth Rally

Sept. 8: Released Time Christian Education Fall Preview

Bolivar High School Auditorium @ 7p.m.

Sept. 14: AAkM council will attend, Special Session on Abortion in Jefferson City, Mo.

Midwest Summit For Morality & Our Godly Heritage Decision
On Saturday, September 24th, 2005 at 1 - 4:30 pm in Talyor Auditorium on the campus of Missouri Southern State University in Joplin Missouri, America Asleep kNOw More presents:

Supreme Court-10 Commandments

Letters to the Editor For God, Family, and Country) - ongoing

Presentations at Churches - ongoing

Spoke at Revival Fires with Judge Roy Moore

Held Ten Commandments Rally at Humansville School

Letters to Legislators - ongoing

Spoke at College of The Ozarks after David Barton

Active in Christian Radio and Television programs - ongoing

Lobbied in Washington, DC with the National Concerned Women For America

Worked closely with AVIDD as they displayed Judge Roy Moore's Ten Commandment Monument in Humansville

1st Annual AAkM Conference, January 8th, 2005

Collected thousands of signatures on petitions regarding several different major concerns/issues - ongoing

Represented weekly in Jefferson City, State Capitol - ongoing

Distributed thousands of books, videos and other resources - ongoing

14 Christian Team Councils formed to date - ongoing

Presented "Teen Sex - The Rules Have Changed" on STD's at surrounding area schools - ongoing

Sponsored " Freedom From Meth Rally" with Intervention Ministries - ongoing

Weekly support group for "Freedom From Meth" - ongoing

Sponsor and forerunner for "Ride For Love" - ongoing

Organizing Ten Commandment Summit, May 20, 2005

Active in Anti-Gambling Rally - ongoing

Active in support of the Marriage Amendment - ongoing

Register to vote in our office - ongoing

Advocate to vote morally during elections to over 100,000 voters ongoing

Team Councils fought successfully to put Bible curriculum in the AR Program - ongoing

Purchased Bibles for AR Program in Mt. Vernon Schools

Attended Summit Ministries Conference in Colorado Springs, CO

Advocate for placing Christians on School Boards - ongoing


Midwest Summit For Morality & Our Godly Heritage

Does the Government Education System have culpability in taking our children away from God, Family, and Nation?

Who should we look to for help***God, or Church, or Government, or Media?

Dave Daubenmire: Out of OHIO*Former Public School Teacher & Coach. ACLU went after him for praying with his football teams before games. Founder & President of Pass the Salt, and Minutemen United Ministries.

R. L. Beasley: Missouri Director of American Family Association, largest God & Family organization in America, a Watchman for the times, working to educate and wake sleeping Christians.

Bruce Shortt: Out of Texas*Author of the Harsh Truth About Public Schools, with a cry to all Christians to remove their children from public schools***Speaking nationwide on why the children must be saved from government schools.

Finn Laursen: Out of Ohio*Former Superintendent of Schools that had someone get on his school board to get rid of the Christian influence in the school, starting with him. Empowers educators as leader of Christian Educators Alliance.

Shawn DeGraff: Law Consultant, a warrior from the field of Law who believes that God’s Laws are above man’s laws.

Gregory Thompson: Former Superintendent of Schools, fired for Ten Commandments & Bible at school, Founder of America Asleep kNOw More & a Founder of Fellowship & Association of Christian Teachers.

Challenging America to Return to Her roots with the Principles & Values that made us great.

Jesus said, "He who is not with Me is against Me,  and he who does not gather with Me scatters".  Luke 11:23

Church, School, Government, Media***we must all be aware that we can point the finger only at ourselves, as we have stood by and allowed our society in America to turn its back on God. Who loses? All of us, but especially the children, as we risk that they will be headed to Hell for eternity. Can our continued silence, cause further moral decay, and thus an expectation that w will slide further and further into an immoral abyss that promises an even uglier future for our children while they live on this earth, and an eternity out of the presence of God. Maybe you already think that you know everything, maybe you think that there is nothing that can be done, maybe you don’t want to be bothered because you are sure that you have your personal family protected and you don’t need to do anything more, maybe your silence and inaction to be with, encourage, and uplift His watchmen and your brothers and sitters in Christ will cause even more ugliness to abound in this nation. How do you answer when Jesus asks, “Who do you say that I am?” How do you answer when Jesus asks, “Do You Love Me?” You are being called in His name to join with others in His body, to make a difference.

Tomorrow we may stand before the Son of God. Trust God, Pray for an Understanding of the Times, Pray for His Knowledge and Wisdom. Come and learn what is going on both negative and positive, what and who is causing the immorality and sinful nature to increase, and what we can do. The church needs to show love by teaching the Word of God and not the word of man, the School needs to teach the children about God’s ways and not man’s ways, the Government needs to look to God’s wisdom for its answers instead of man’s wisdom, the media must look to the Truth of God instead of their own words that pose as truth. A great measure for everyone in all of these positions is to test it this way, does what I am about to do or say Glorify God, and if the answer is no or there is even a question in the mind, then don’t do it. God is Love (unconditional), and Light (Truth), and Life (eternal)***He wants YOU!!!

Some of His sinners saved by grace, have answered HIS call and will WARN his people of clear and present danger, at the Taylor Auditorium on the Missouri Southern State University Campus in Joplin, MO, on September 24, 2005 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.



Pastor Marks Message June 10,  2008

Profession Without Possession
I want to share with you one simple, but very important Bible verse: They profess to know God, but by their deeds they deny Him, being detestable and disobedient and worthless for any good deed.  Titus 1:16
This is what is called Profession Without Possession.  You see, we are living in a day when almost everyone claims to be a Christian.  As a matter of fact, most research shows that almost 82% of America claims to be a Christian.  So we can easily say that almost everyone claims to know Jesus as their Lord.....but when you view their lifestyle, when we see how they act, it says something totally different!
Now, what do I mean by Professor?
(1)  One who claims to be saved!
(2)  One who claims to know Jesus!
(3)  One who claims to have a relationship with God!
But they do not possess salvation!  Profession Without Possession.
Paul tells us that these people were professing to know Christ, but by the way they lived, they were actually denying him!  In other words, their walk did not match their talk!  I'll say it again, we live in a day, we live in a nation where 82% of the people are claiming to be Christian...but by the way they live and walk, they deny Jesus!
If a person can live and have an immoral relationship with no real conviction, and claim to know Jesus, then they are a professor, not a possessor.  If a person can miss church regularly, with no problem, they are a professor, not a possessor.
King David said, "I was glad when they said to me, let us go to the house of the Lord."  David goes on to say that he wanted to dwell in the house of the Lord forever!  Brothers and sisters, the Word of God says to examine ourselves daily!
Now, if right at this very minute your thinking this message is not for you, don't be fooled!  That is a trick of the devil.  This is for all of us.  We all need to examine ourselves!  So many claim to be a Christian, so many claim to know Jesus Christ, but there is no change in their life!  II Cor. 5:17 says If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature, the old things passed away, behold, new things have come/
I am not talking about instant maturity, but there should be some change!  Change in the way you live.  You will not go to the same places, do the same things, or say the same things.  There will also be a change in the way your look!  Remember the man possessed by a legion of demons in the Bible?  At one point, this man had been cutting himself with stones and he wore no clothes.  Satan had stripped him of everything.  But then Jesus showed up!  And the Bible says this man was saved, found clothed, and in his right mind sitting at his Saviors feet.  There will be a definite change!  Neighbors will notice!  Ladies will actually look like ladies, men will actually look like men.  People will simply notice a difference.
If you truly possess Jesus Christ, there will also be love.  If you are a real believer, you will love the people of God.  If you still run with the same crowd that you did before you supposedly got saved, you are just a professor, and not a possessor!  A cat will not run with the dogs!  A possessor of Christ will not be running around with the devil and his crowd.
A person that truly possesses Jesus will be full of hope!  There are probably many of you reading this that at the very thought of Jesus Christ coming again gives you an uneasy feeling and I have to say that scares me.  I look forward to the day I can see my Jesus face to face.  Professors have no hope!  Why?  Because their actually lost!  If you truly possess Jesus, you can not help being full of hope!
The last thing I want to share with you is this;  if you are only a professor and not a possessor of Jesus, YOU ARE UNCLEAN!  In John 13:11, Jesus sat with His disciples and said, Not all of you are clean.  I wonder what went through their minds when Jesus said that?  But what about today?  What if Jesus came to you right now, at your house, your work, your church, and he looks at you and each of your family members......would Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, say, "not all of your are clean?"  Jesus says there is a way that seems right, but in the end, it leads to death.
A possessor will spend eternity with Jesus!
A professor will spend eternity away from Jesus!
Which do you want?  As for me and my house, we choose to serve Jesus
Until the nets are full,
Pastor Mark Kiser



Pastor Mark's Newsletter January 15, 2007

"I recognize Jesus, and I know about Paul, but who are you?"  (Acts 19:15)
I promise you, Satan knows who I am!  But allow me to introduce myself to you.  My name is Mark Kiser and I live in Springfield Mo.  God has blessed me with a beautiful wife (Susanna) and 7 wonderful children. (Six of them just happen to be girls...pray for me!)  On July 13, 1999 I met Jesus Christ as my Lord and my Savior.  I truly believe that was the greatest day of my life.  Over the next few years God allowed me to minister in many different areas.  Presently I am Pastor of Faith United Fellowship and founder of Gap Fillers Unite!  I also guest speak at churches, social clubs, and revivals.
It was a honor when Gregory asked me to be president of America Asleep kNOw more.  Through much prayer I accepted his offer of Oct. 29, 2006.  As president, I intend to continue the wonderful work Greg has started by rallying even more troops into the battle.  God says the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few.  And I say, AMEN!  In Psalm 94:16 God ask 2 questions: (1) Who will rise up for Me against evil doers? (2) Who will take a stand for Me against those who do wickedness?  I'm praying for an army of men and women who will do just that.  Stand up for God against evil and all forms of wickedness.  I know your out there??
What is it that breaks your heart?  The lost?  Our Public School system?  The radical homosexual movement?  Our Government?  IS THERE NOT A CAUSE? IS THERE NOT A CAUSE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED TO?
If I can ever answer any questions or be of any help please feel free to call me at: (417) 818-0143.  I look forward to working with all of you!
In the awesome name of Jesus Christ,
Mark Kiser
PS. Does Satan know who you are?
Can He count on you?
Today we face another war
Fought not upon some distant shore,
Nor against a foe we can see
Yet one as ruthless as can be!
He'll take your life and children too
And say there's nothing you can do.
He'll make you think that wrong is right!
"Tis a sign to stand and fight!
And though we face the wrath of hell,
Against those gates we shall prevail.
In homes and schools across our land
It's time for Christians to take a stand.
And when our race on earth is run
The battles over, the victory won!
When through all the earth His praises will ring,
And all the heavenly angels sing.
"Twill be enough to see the Son
And hear Him say, "My child well done,
You kept the faith so strong and true;
I knew that I could count on you!
- Judge Roy Moore


Pastor Mark's Newsletter January 22, 2007

In Matthew chapter 10 verse's 2 - 4 Matthew lists the 12 name.  These 12 are the faithful, in essence, the core members of the Church of Jesus Christ.  For all practical purposes, this was the original church council.  Or in other words these men got things done...with Jesus working through them.  They were the real followers of Jesus, the Apostles, the workers.
Now please notice this list doesn't include ALL who followed Jesus!  Time and time again we read of huge crowds following Jesus, and often the text will even refer to them as disciples!  But the thing is, many times these "other" people, "without names" would fall away.  Either because of some hard teaching of the kingdom, or because Jesus was not becoming their personal miracle machine.
Countless times, the Bible tells us of great crowds of disciples, followers of Jesus, nameless disciples who would eventually leave.  They would leave Jesus!  Then as usual Jesus would retreat with the 12, the disciples that are named, the faithful, the core, the workers.
This has many times given me comfort!  Comfort that Jesus had the same trouble and problems with His flock that we have in the church today.  In every local church there are those who are named and there are those who at least for the kingdom of God is concerned, are nameless.  In every local Church in this world there are those core members, the true workers, the faithful.  And there are also those who we know more by face than by name.  Mostly because they want to remain nameless.  They really don't want to follow Jesus.  Any many....I do mean many fall away!
Think about it.  How many people have you met that say to you, "Hello, I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ?" Probably not many!  The Bible says "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few."  And I say "Amen!"
Let me give you some statistics:
80% of the financial resources of a church are provided by 20% of its members.
85% of the ministries of the church have active participation by less than 15 % of the members.
And. in churches around the USA, the average worship attendance is less than 40% of the actual membership.  TELL ME THE WORKERS ARE FEW! 
65% of the population in the USA claim some source of Christian religion, yet, 85% of the population is un-churched.
Most of these that claim to be Christian, have never been baptized and can not tell anyone how to be saved.  TELL ME THE HARVEST IS PLENTIFUL!
America, home of the brave, land of the free, which at one time was recognized as a Christian nation, is now seen by many other countries as a mission field.  In fact, countries from all over are now sending their Christian missionaries to the USA!
The truth is, down deep this doesn't shock us because many of these un-churched people I mentioned, we know who they are.  We know their name!  But the question that needs to be answered is "DO THEY KNOW YOUR NAME?  The people that don't know Jesus, the people that live with little hope and no purpose, who are all alone, who don't know that there is more to life......DO THEY KNOW YOUR NAME?
What I am asking is, are you a disciple with a name or are you just an unnamed follower?  Are you a worker?  Do they know you as a connection to God?  We have churches today that are full of willing people!  Some willing to do the work, and some willing to let them!
Let me close with a true story:
I was witnessing to a young man about the Church and Christianity.  For every good thing I could say, he had a good argument: "People are judgmental, people are hypocrites, people in the church fight, complain, whine, and walk around with their nose is the air."
And you know what?  He was right!
I said to him, "There are people that really care. Who reach out to others, who witness, love and forgive."
He replied, "Oh some!"
What I am asking you is......can I give them your name!  The people that don't know Jesus, can I give them your name?  The people that look and smell different, can I give them your name?  The very people Jesus died for, can I give them your name?
Keep storming the gates of hell,
Pastor Mark


Pastor Marks Newsletter January 29, 2007


Sometimes it is difficult for us to comprehend the magnitude of the toll the abortion holocaust has taken in America over the past 34 years. When one says that over 50 million children have been slaughtered by legalized abortion since January 22, 1973 , the numbers just don't seem to register. Below is a map of the United States of America indicating the number of states that would have their populations totally wiped out if war were to come to our shores and 50 million people were killed.

If this shocks you, perhaps you might want to rethink who the real “terrorists” are. We are being destroyed as a nation by an enemy from within. We are being destroyed by a lie that was birthed in the very pit of hell. The lie took its physical form in the Roe v. Wade decision issued by the Supreme Court of the United States of America on January 22, 1973. Yes, the Supreme Court in its malevolent wisdom magically found in the United States Constitution a “ woman's right to privacy ” (she could kill her own child in the womb if she so chose).

Never mind that for more than 300 years our Pilgrim forefathers, Founding Fathers, past presidents, legislators, and Supreme Court justices had never dreamed of such a malicious precedent. Today, the lie has become law. It is a lie that transcends every racial, ethnic, political, and geographic boundary. It is a lie that cuts across every human heart in America . It is a lie that divides us (red states versus blue states). It is a lie that is destroying us.

Abortion reveals, more than any other issue, the devastation of the lie and its true identity. It shows that the real battle in our nation is spiritual, and therefore can never be resolved politically. It is the ancient battle that began in heaven and moved to this earth. It has swept across the pages of the Bible and history ever since. It is a battle between two world views - the seed of the serpent vs. the seed of the woman (read Genesis 3:15).

The lie (my rights, my body, my choice) brings enslavement and death. The truth (not my will, but Thine be done) brings liberty and life. There is no middle ground! We must “plead the case of the fatherless to win it!


The map above has 17 states blacked out. The population of these states is equal to the 50,000,000+ reported “legal” abortions since 1973. Perhaps this visual will help demonstrate the magnitude of the slaughter.

The lie has wreaked its horrible devastation and is destroying America . This lie can only be overcome by the Truth. The Truth has but one name: Jesus Christ! “They overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” Revelation 12:11. Ours is a call to the Church to storm the gates of hell!

Please join us on Monday morning, January 22, 2007, as we “ plead the case of the fatherless” who have been slaughtered in our nation. We are asking that you “give ‘em heaven” at your local abortion mill that morning and then hold a press conference at 11:30 a.m. We will bring the theology of the church house into the streets of our cities and allow it to become biography as we give a voice to voiceless children.

Abortion will come to an end in America when the Church of Jesus Christ makes up her mind it will come to an end, not one second sooner!



 Pastor Marks Newsletter February 13, 2007
Prayer Walk 2007
I know it's early, but please make plans for Prayer Walk 2007.  On Saturday, May 12th, there will be a "Prayer Walk" starting in downtown Springfield at the Park Central Square.  The walk will be 3.2 miles covering much of the downtown area.  Places such as: City Hall, Court House, Greene Co. Jail, GLO, and many others that need prayer.
We plan to make this a monthly thing.  Some morning walks, some evening walks.  If you have any input, please let me know.
Also- on May 3rd, (1st Thursday in May) is the "National Day of Prayer."  As city coordinator for this event, I am planning a hour long "prayer meeting" at City Hall.  With God's help, lets make this a real prayer meeting.  Let us, in the awesome name of Jesus Christ, call on the only true living God, the maker and keeper of all things, right there from the steps of City Hall!!!! This should be exciting and I look forward to letting you all know more as we work through the planning stage.
May God's amazing grace and love be with you,
Pastor Mark


 Pastor Marks Newsletter March 12, 2007

Proposed School Tax Levy Increases May Not Be A Good Idea


Most people in the Republic R-III School District are probably aware that on April 3 taxpayers will vote on two proposed tax levy increases. One is a bond levy and the second is an operating levy increase. On January 9, I attended a town hall meeting at the high school to get the details about the proposed tax increases. It was a typical meeting, much as I expected. The meeting began with a presentation on all the successes of the district. The presentation proceeded to a discussion of the negative consequences for our children if the tax increases are not passed by voters. One such consequence is the use of mobile classrooms. School administrators argue that the district needs more classroom space and that your tax money is needed to provide that space. However, before we go to the polls and vote ourselves a tax increase, there may be questions that need to be asked and factors we need to consider. How is classroom space currently being utilized? How is our tax money currently been spent? What will taxpayers really be funding if the proposed tax increases are passed? Are there any high priced extras attached to the new high school? Let me provide a few examples.


Regarding frills and high priced extras, taxpayers are probably not aware that if the levies pass their tax money will be used for purposes other than to build a new high school. Tax money will also be used to build a working school-based farm. This operating farm will be modeled after the one operated by the Chillicothe, MO school district, which some of our school administrators have already toured. The farm will include both livestock and crop programs, including a dairy barn. This begs several questions. First, why does any public school need to own and operate a farm, especially at taxpayer expense? Second, who pays for the livestock and farm machinery to maintain this farm? Livestock has to be fed and cared for. Farm equipment has to be maintained and tractors require diesel fuel to operate. Have you seen those prices lately? Who pays for all this? We the taxpayer with our tax increase. So while school administrators are telling you that you need a tax increase to build more classroom space for your children, remember that a portion of your tax money will be used to build and operate the school farm. Are you really sure that you are willing to vote yourself a tax increase in order to buy the farm? Furthermore, these farm programs are called school to work programs. Actually, Republic Schools either presently has or is planning several types of school to work programs. If you are not familiar with school to work programs, I strongly encourage you to research the origins of these programs. Most citizens will be shocked to learn the truth about the origins of these programs. Check it out.


Another frill and high priced extra attached to the new high school is the main gymnasium. Architects have already developed and presented plans for a collegiate style basketball arena in the new high school. Why does a local K-12 public school need a university style basketball arena? If you attend school board meetings, you will find that this is exactly what is in the master plan and we the taxpayer are going to pay for it. As I have sat in school board meetings, I have heard universities such as the University of Kansas and Oklahoma State University mentioned in discussions of the new gymnasium. Architects are taking features from the arenas at those universities and designing those features into the new arena planned for the new high school, although on a smaller scale. So while school administrators are telling you that you need a tax increase to build more classroom space for your children, remember that a portion of your tax money will be used to build and operate the school farm and give school administrators the collegiate style basketball arena they want.

How is current space and taxpayer money used? You might be surprised to learn that Republic Schools operates an on-site daycare for the children of teachers and staff. I did not know this until recently. This is not a benefit that most taxpaying citizens receive from their employers either in the public or private sector. Most tax paying citizens have to take their young children to a daycare center away from their place of employment and pay a high price for the service. But what is most interesting is that at least three classrooms are presently used to provide on-site daycare to school employees’ children. One classroom is used in E-1 and two classrooms are used in the E-C building for employee daycare. Now do you see where I am going with this? While school administrators are telling you that you need a tax increase to build a new high school to keep your own children out of mobile classrooms, they are using current classroom space for daycare centers for school employees’ children. Furthermore, school administrators tell us about the high cost associated with the use of mobile classrooms. However, if they would use current classroom space to educate taxpayers’ children, the number of mobile classrooms needed and the amount of taxpayer money spent on them could be reduced. The fact is that school administrators are willing to spend taxpayer money to put taxpayers’ children in high cost mobile classrooms while they use current classroom space for employee daycare centers. In my opinion, it is an outrage that school personnel urge taxpayers to increase their taxes for more buildings and classroom space to avoid having their own children in mobile classrooms, when these same school personnel are using current classroom space for employee daycare.


You also need to be aware that revenues generated from the operating levy increase will go into the general operating fund. This means that school administrators will be able to use that money for operating costs as they see fit to use it. Therefore, it could be used for the new high school building or it could be used for other purposes. If I recall correctly, money from one of the last tax levy increases was supposed to be used to build a new baseball field. To my knowledge that has never happened. However, I suspect that few if any taxpayers can remember school administrators stating that past tax levy increases would be used to hire mental health professionals to provide mental health services to children during the school day. But this is what has happened. At least two mental health professionals were hired with money generated from past tax levy increases. When did local public schools become mental health centers responsible for providing mental health services? Do you know what types of mental health services you voted to fund for your children when you voted to give yourself that tax increase? As parents and grandparents, do you know? Shouldn’t you know? So are you really certain that if you vote yourself another big tax increase on April 3, that all your tax money (other than the portion for the farm and collegiate style basketball arena) will be used on the building and not to hire additional mental health professionals to provide more mental health services to your children during the school day? The point is that we taxpayers had better be certain how our tax money is going to be used and what it is we will be funding if the levies pass.


And what about the $63,000 band uniforms. Yes you read correctly. I said $63,000 band uniforms. The school board has approved spending $63,000 of your tax money to purchase new band uniforms. This money may very well have come from your tax increase also. We must wonder about what other frills and high priced extras our tax money is spent on that we do not know about. Are you beginning to see the picture, taxpayer? While school administrators are telling you that you need a tax increase for buildings and classroom space for your children, remember that they actually plan to use a portion of your tax money to build and operate the school farm and build the collegiate style basketball arena. Remember also, that while they are willing to spend your money to put your children in costly mobile classrooms, they are presently using classroom space for their own daycare services. They control how our tax money is spent and appear to be big spenders when it comes to certain items. Then they ask us for more money when they do not have enough to accomplish their purposes.


So ask yourself a few questions. Are you really sure that you are willing to buy the farm on April 3 by voting to increase your own taxes? Are you comfortable with the way in which your tax money will be used? Do you agree with the way in which the school administration has chosen to utilize classroom space while telling you that you need to pay more taxes to provide adequate classroom space for your own children? Should we demand more accountability and fiscal responsibility from school administration? Should we send a message to these big spenders demanding program and administrative cuts before additional higher taxes? Be assured, if the levies pass on April 3, more frills and high priced extras will be coming our way, complete with the farm and the collegiate style basketball arena. If you are going to pay additional higher taxes, is this really the way you want it spent? Are you really sure you are willing to buy the farm? Think about it. Check it out. Vote wisely on April 3.   


 Pastor Marks Newsletter May 10, 2007

"Are you a Sheep or a Goat?"
  by Mark Kiser

  Let us begin by supposing that you are a judge and you have been given the responsibility to judge a case involving a young man that was accused of being a thief.  The evidence against him is over whelming and he is found guilty.  Now, when it comes time for you to sentence him, he expresses great remorse and begs you to give him another chance, he even promises to make restitution to those whom he hurt.  He tells you he is a changed person, he has changed his ways.
  Being the good Christian judge you are, you feel for him and you decide to give him another chance and you let him go under the provision he will change his ways.  The young man goes out of the court room and tells the reporters that he is a changed man and that you are a great judge because you gave him another chance.  He then goes home and tells his friends and family he's changed.
  HIS ACTIONS!!!  If he genuinely stops what he has been doing!
  Sure, we can take his word for it....but the proof is in the pudding!
  Why should God be any different in assessing whether or not we have really changed or if our belief is real?
  In the 25th chapter of Matthew we find one of the most sobering chapters in the Bible.  It begins with the parable of the 10 Virgins, which ends with the chilling words "Lord, lord, open up for us."  But the Bride Groom answered, "Truly I say to you, I do not know you."
  This is followed by the parable of the Talents.  Which also ends with the chilling words, "Throw out the worthless slave into outer darkness; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."
  The sobering aspect of all these stories is they ALL knew their master!  They all knew who their Lord was.
  It is very popular today to say "all roads lead to salvation" or all roads lead to heaven." "As long as your a good person, do the right thing, don't hurt people, and God will take care of you."
  It one aspect, these are true statements.  Because in verse 32 of chapter 25 it says "All nations will be gathered before Him."  All roads do eventually lead to God, BUT, a better understanding is that ALL roads lead to judgment, but only one leads to salvation and eternal life.
  We are told that on this day Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats. (Matt 25:32-46)
  There is no escaping the point Jesus is making here: Separation is determined on the basis of what people do or do not do!  Jesus never ask them what they believed!!!!!
  NOW- before you freak out on me, yes we are saved by faith and not works. The Bible clearly teaches we are saved by faith and that's what I believe.  But the Church has forgot what James said, "Faith without works is dead."  What I am saying here is that if your faith does not produce some works or's not a saving faith!
  Lets go back to our young thief for a moment: What are the works of a thief? Stealing and theft!  If he genuinely changed his ways and is no longer a thief, his works will reveal that.  The way we really know that he has changed is not because he said so, it will be in his actions.  In the same way, God knows and others, we are genuinely "born again" by our actions!
  A simple profession of belief in Jesus is not enough, James says, "Even the demons believe and tremble. But are you willing to recognize you foolish fellow that faith without works is useless."
  Paul tells us in Titus 2:14 that Jesus Christ gave Himself for us to redeem us from every lawless deed, and to purify for Himself a people for His own possession, zealous for good deeds."
  A Christian, a true follower of Jesus is someone who feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, visits the sick and those in prison.
  Isn't interesting in this account that the aspect of their lives that receives Jesus' full attention isn't the part many people perceive as the important "religious" part (prayer, Bible study. church attendance, fasting.)
  Jesus' focus is not on what happens inside the 4 walls of a church building when every one is watching, His focus is on those quite moments, outside the church walls when nobody but Him is watching.  He is watching our actions.
  I heard it said one time, the Church is like manure.  You pile it together and it stinks up the neighborhood.  You spread it all over, and it enriches the whole world.
  Each and every person reading this falls into 1 of 2 categories: SHEEP OR GOATS!
  In each of the 2 parables that people that did not get in so to speak, were not necessarily bad people.  They weren't murderers, liars, or even cheats.  They were probably good people.  But we are not called to be good moral people, we are called to be Holy!
  In the parables of the 10 virgins, the Talents and the sheep and the goats, who were the ones that missed out?  THE ONES WHO WERE NEGLIGENT!!!!!
  Please remember, everyone in these parables knew who their Master was, they knew who Jesus was.  In other words, they should have known better.
  Do you know better?  Are you a sheep or a goat?  Do you possess salvation or just profess salvation? 
  Keep storming the gates of hell,
  Pastor Mark


Pastor Marks Newsletter June 14, 2007
The Public Schools Have Officially Expelled God!
America Asleep kNOw More Presents:
"God is going back to School" Campaign
August 23 & 24, 2007
Springfield, Missouri
The Public Schools have officially expelled God from school!  In 1962 the Supreme Court decided that it was illegal for children to recite a prayer in the public school class room.  In 1963 Bibles were removed for the first time in 200 years.  And in 1980 it became unconstitutional to post the Ten Commandments in Public Schools.  Yes, God has been expelled!  Please understand this is not meant to be an attack on good godly teachers that teach in public schools.  But look at the facts: Since 1963 STD's among teenagers are up 220%; premarital sex among teenagers is up 1000%; divorce is up 177%; babies born out of wedlock to girls ages 10 through 19 has gone up 553%.  Brothers and Sister, it is very clear, when there are no religious principals there is no morality!
One of our Founding Fathers and leading educator's, Benjamin Rush, warned that the Bible must never be taken out of the public schools.  He said that if the Bible was removed, there would be a "violence explosion."  I believe the evidence proves Mr. Rush knew what he was talking about.
Proverbs 1:7 says, "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge...". You cannot even approach knowledge without fear of the Lord.  Psalm 111:10 says, "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom...". You cannot even approach wisdom without the fear of the Lord.
I invite everyone, young and old to the battle.  America Asleep kNOw More plans to take God back to school on August 23 and 24.  There will be two full days of powerful witnessing and proclaiming the Gospel of Christ Jesus.  We will be at four key schools in the Springfield Missouri area.
For more information please call Rev. Mark Kiser at: 417.818.0143
Keep Storming the gates of hell,
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