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Abiding Truth Ministries
Dr. Scott Lively Steps out to defend the family.   An attorney who is pro-active in exposing homosexuality....Any child can be recruited.....How many parent's help the GAY movement to recruit their children without even knowing it....How the homosexual movement has infiltrated the American Church.


American Family Association
Vigorously promotes and defends Biblical truth


Alliance Defense Fund

The Alliance Defense Fund is a legal alliance defending the right to hear and speak the Truth through strategy, training, funding, and litigation


American Minute
Highlighting America's Noble Heritage.


Americans for Truth
Peter Labarbera exposes the homosexual agenda to draw your children in.


AVIDD - American Veterans in Domestic Defense
Veterans standing for God and country.


Business Men's Fellowship
Men for Christ empowering them with God's Spirit and dedicating their lives and resources to change the world.


Christian Law Association - The Legal Alert
A monthly publication ministry of helps which has provided free legal counsel to those facing legal difficulties because of their Biblical faith.


Christian Examiner Newspaper

Very up-to-date information on what's happening


Christians for America
Christians reviving America's values


Christian Light Publications
Christian Light Publications is a literature ministry founded in 1969 as a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. Since that beginning over 30 years ago, C L P has produced literally millions of Christian books, pamphlets, and tracts for people in the United States, Canada, and around the world. C L P also has an Education Division, producing high-quality curriculum for Christian day schools and home schools.


Christian movies

Welcome to, your #1 source for the very best inspirational and thought provoking Christian movies for your homes, schools and church groups


Christian wear

Christian T Shirts


Christian World View

The purpose of our Christian Apologetics ministry is equip people to think and live with a consistent and cohesive Biblical worldview. We believe that God exists (Heb. 11:6) and that He is the standard by which we measure everything else. God created everything that exists (Gen.1:1) and everything is held together by Him (Col. 1:17).


Constitution Party of Missouri
We declare the platform of the Constitution Party to be predicated on the principles of

The Declaration of Independence,
The Constitution of the United States and
The Bill of Rights

According to the original intent of the Founding Fathers, these founding documents are the foundation of our Liberty and the Supreme Law of the Land.

The sole purpose of government, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, is to secure our unalienable rights given us by our Creator. When Government grows beyond this scope, it is usurpation, and liberty is compromised.

We believe the major issues we face today are best solved by a renewed allegiance to the original intent of these founding documents.


Dee Wampler



Dee Wampler and Joseph Passanise


Elijah Ministries

Pastor Rusty Lee Thomas: He has served locally since 1988, and has assisted Flip Benham, the national Director of Operation Rescue/ Operation Save America since 1994. He has also served as the March for Jesus organizer in the city of Waco for 5 years. In 1998, Rusty established the Kingdom Leadership Institute. The vision of the KLI is to identify, equip and send forth the next generation of leaders. The KLI has been successfully established in different cities throughout America and continues to grow


Exodus Mandate
A Christian ministry that encourages & assists Christian families to leave Pharaoh's school system (i.e., government (public) school) for the promised land of Christian schools or home schooling.


FACT (Fellowship & Association of Christian Teachers)
Fellowship & Association of Christian Teachers


Foundation For Moral Law, Inc.
Established by Judge Roy Moore


Freedom's Foundation
Teaching, supporting and fostering the principles and obligations of freedom.


James Hartline Report
James Hartline. Starting with an email list of just 20 people, the James Hartline Report has evolved in the past two years into one of the most influential Christian resource online news services in America. With a daily readership exceeding 5,000 concerned citizens, the James Hartline Report has revolutionized local Christian activism in the city of San Diego.


Jericho Riders
Motorcycle Ministry riding and walking together to put Jesus back as the foundation of this country


Jesus People Information Center, Sacramento, CA
"Exposing anti-Christ cults and religions"


The Rise of America
John D. Diamond serves as the Director of Discipleship at Bible Community Church in Columbus, Ohio and holds a B.S. in Theology from Vision Bible College and is presently working towards his Master in Education through Zion University. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force. He is presently working as an electrical Lineman for American Electric Power (AEP) and is a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Works (IBEW) Local 1466.


Lighthouse 4 Jesus
This Website's Purpose Is To Promote, Proclaim, Praise, and Please the Lord Jesus


Minutemen United
A group of and women dedicated to creating an environment where Christian thoughts, ideas, and leaders can get traction in the market place.


Missouri Family Network
Defending traditional family life


Missouri Right to Life
A voice for Pro-Life issues.


Modest Apparel USA

Modest Apparel Christian ladies and girls can wear to honor God and others around them


New Beginnings Ministry

Ohio Pastor Bill Dunfee taking a stand for God, family and country.


Oasis Radio Network
Positive and uplifting voice emphasizing the integrity of the word of God


One news now
Another sight with warriors working for God as watchmen to keep information coming to people so they may act


Operation Rescue/Operation Save America
Operation Save America unashamedly takes up the cause of pre-born children in the name of Jesus Christ. We employ only biblical principles. The Bible is our foundation; the Cross of Christ is our strategy; the repentance of the Church of Jesus Christ is our ultimate goal. As the Church changes its heart toward unborn children, God Himself will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and bring healing to our land. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only answer to the abortion holocaust. It is upon our active repentance in the streets of our cities that the Gospel is visibly lived out. We become to the church, to our city, and to our nation living parables which rightly represent God's heart toward His helpless children.


Pass the Salt Ministries
Get to know Coach Dave Daubenmire


Dr. Patrick Johnston 1     Dr. Patrick Johnston 2    Dr. Patrick Johnston 3    Dr. Patrick Johnston 4
"Ohio family standing for God, country and family.  Pro-life physician taking a stand against abortion.  Also, works to help reform education.
Released Time Christian Education
Released Time Christian Education


Restoring America
The truth behind the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution & the Bill of Rights.


Loyal to Liberty
Dr. Alan Keyes, Republican candidate for President put's God first.  His political view are consistently based on America's founding ideals. well informed, in demand speaker fighting for God, family and country.


Revival Website

This is just a plea for some help. For those who have their own  blog or website, we would be very grateful if you could place a link
to our Revival School website. That would be wonderful. Here is the URL-

RL Beasley Ministries
Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ


Scripture Release!
A website devoted to bringing back Scripture into the Hearts of believers through Bible memorization. This ministry brings the Word of God to light through song.


Spirit One Christian Center

Pastor Mark Holick stands for freedom of speech in the pulpit.  Pro-life advocate and witness to the gay communities


Summit Ministries
Located in Manitou Springs, CO, they are the leading provider of worldview education.


Stop The ACLU

In what actions have become noxious and obnoxious on the part of the American Communist Lawyers Union, the ACLU filed a suit against Lakeview Elementary School in Mt. Juliet, as reported.     Read more...


The Center For Moral Clarity
Defending truth, shaping culture.


The Foundation For American Christian Education


The Pathway
News Journal of The Missouri Baptist Convention