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Scheduled Conferences

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Reclaiming Missouri for Christ

Date, Time and Location:

June 11, 2010
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Salvation Army

1710 W. Chestnut Expy
Springfield, Mo.

Reclaiming Missouri for Christ

Time and Location:

8:00 am - 11:00 am
Ryans Restaurant
2501 S. Campbell

Springfield, Mo.


Reclaiming Missouri for Christ

Time and Location:

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Salvation Army
1707 W. Chestnut Exp way

Springfield, Mo.




William J. Federer:  Historian, Best selling Author and Nationally known Speaker.  President of  Ameri-Search Inc., speaking the truth instead of revisions, omissions and other lies taught to our Children.



Coach Dave Daubenmire:  Spurred into action when attacked and sued by the ACLU.  Founder of Pass the Salt Ministries and Ohio Director of Minutemen United.  President of Fellowship and Association of Christian Teachers (FACT) and talk show host.


Cal Zastro:

Dr. Gregory Thompson:  Superintendent fired for acknowledging God.  Founder of America ASLEEP kNOw MORE and Fellowship and Association of Christian Teachers uniting Christians to step out of the boat.


Pastor Joseph Larson:  Founder of Restoring America and Nationally known Christian Radio Speaker who quotes the Constitution and the Bible.  He is a disabled Veteran loving God, America and Family.  Talk show host.



Pastor Ernie Sanders:  Chancellor of Kings Word Bible College,  representing Christian resistance for many years.  Founder and operator of What's Right What's Left Radio Ministry and Death Row Prison MinistryTalk show host.


Patrick Johnston:  Family Practice Physician, founder of Association for Pro-Life Physicians and Alliance to Reform Education Funding.  Committed to revival of the Church and Restoration of Biblical Law and Constitutional Government in America.


Dr. Scott Lively:  Exposing the agents of America's moral decline and the culture death.  President of Abiding Truth Ministries Director of the Pro-Family Law Center.


Pastor Rodney Albert:  Pastor of Hallsville Baptist Church, Hallsville, MO., & Chairman of the Christian Life Commission of the Missouri Baptist Convention.



Pastor Mark Kiser:  Founder of Gap Fillers and President of America Asleep kNOw More, fighting the war for our children.


Evangelist R. L. Beasley:  Pastor/Evangelist, Founder of R. L. Beasley Ministries leading Crusades for Christ Revivals, editor of The Beacon, a monthly Christian news publication, producer of programs in television & radio, past host of Radio Rally.


Dee Wampler:  Nationally known Criminal Trial Attorney & Author of The Myth of Separation Between Church & State and The Trial of Christ defending Jesus.



Dr. Wesley Scroggins: Assistant Professor at Missouri State University, Master of Divinity Degree who’s research interest include theories of servant leadership, training and development in discipleship and the theological significance and meaning of work.


Pastor Lee Thomas:  Master of Divinity Degree and Master of Arts in Religious Education, Pastoring over 31 years, full time Evangelist, Author of Praying Effectively for the Lost, passion for revival and intercessors.


Patriot Pastor, Garrett Lear:  A leader in the Spiritual War going on in this country. Working to restore Americas foundation like our founding fathers, his battle cry is No king but king Jesus.



Don Swarthout: Ordained Minister and President of CRAVE (Christians Reviving America's Values) standing to expose the ACLU, abortionists and homosexuals speaking all over America about gross injustices and attacks upon Christianity.  Defender of the Constitution & author of Wake Up America.


Pastor Philip (Flip) Benham: Master of Divinity Degree, National Director of Operation Rescue,
National Director of Operation Save America, witnessing for the Lord Jesus Christ in the public arena, standing against Abortion & Homosexuality.


Nedd Kareiva:  Founder & Director of Stop the ACLU Coalition with a varied background including a degree in Biblical studies. God loving, patriotic American, pro-life advocate, working to stop the ACLU from removing decency, goodness, patriotism and morality in America.



James Hartline: Publisher of The James Hartline Report, author of Broken Rainbow, this Christian activist has many victories over the homosexual agenda. Nationally known speaker with a great understanding of exposing the rampant corruption within the politically driven gay agenda.  He is a warrior fighting against homosexuality, pornography and pedophiles.   



E. Ray Moore, Jr., (Lt. Col.) USAR Ret., founder and director of the Exodus Mandate Project, a Christian ministry encouraging families to choose either Christian schools or home schooling over public schools.  Ray has served 30 years in pastoral ministry as a congregational minister, as a director of a Christian ministry, or as an Army Chaplain. He is Gulf War I veteran and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.  He and his wife, Gail, have a combined 22 years of experience as home school or Christian school parents. Ray is author of Let My Children Go, a Christian education manifesto.


Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas: is married with 13 homeschooled children and 2 grandchildren.  He is Founder and Director of Elijah Ministries, Assistant Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, Founder and Director of the Kingdom Leadership Institute, Founder and Director of Rachel's Park Memorial, and Associate Pastor of Gospel of Life Ministries.


Dr Alan Keyes: Independent Party Candidate for President putting God first.  His political views are consistently based on America's founding ideals.  Well informed, in-demand speaker fighting for God, family and country.

Peter LaBarbera : Founder of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, exposing the homosexual agenda to draw your children in.

Pastor Mark Holick: Stands for freedom of speech in the pulpit.  Pro-life advocate and witness to the gay communities.

Pastor Bill Dunfee: National Director of Minutemen United. Bringing men to the battle to save Souls for eternity.

Israel Wayne:  Is a homeschooled graduate who currently serves as the Marketing Director for Wisdom's Gate.  He is author of Homeschooling From a Biblical Worldview.  Israel is a leading expert for his generation in the area of defending the faith and developing Biblical Worldview. and

Pastor Gene Hall: Pastor of Warrenton Community Church Wright City, MO 
Peter Grasso: