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“Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy”

Playground For Satan

Lives and souls of those around you are at risk.  As stated in  James 4:17,  “to know what to do and not do it, is sin.”  Unknowingly, “Parents hate their children if they put them into government school.”  “Pastors hate their congregation if they don’t warn them to get out of government schools.” Shepherds must help parents with this.  Jesus said “love your neighbor as yourself”,  you must tell neighbors to get children out of government schools.  Government schools are anti-Christian, atheistic, pagan, and against God, family, and country.
Once given truth, Shepherds and Christians saying otherwise, put children, families and neighbors at risk. 
We are called to bear witness to the truth out of love.  Please do not be willfully ignorant,  I am donating 250 copies of “Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy” for families to protect children. You can get this free, in this WAR for lives and souls. Take care of S & H and I will send it anywhere in the world.  Any questions, I will present the truth to any church or parent group,  knowing most parents and pastors are unaware about most of this, and what they can do:  call 417-894-5768.     
We should be ashamed, Government Education leads to a culture of death, and is worse than the following:
*  80 to 90% of children from Christian homes will leave their faith after
Being indoctrinated in atheistic, humanistic, Government education.
*  Your children receive a much poorer education than is possible.
*  Will be more likely to engage in sexual promiscuity and perversions like homosexuality, more likely be molested, bullied, taught lies, get an STD, become pregnant, selfish,  rebellious, have your grandchild killed, and commit suicide.
*  Worst of all, your children will be more likely to go to HELL!